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Friday, November 19th, 2010


The AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic announced today that less than 1,000 general public tickets remain for the 75th Classic. A capacity crowd is expected on Friday, Jan. 7th for a Classic matchup between the Big 12 and Southeastern Conference at Cowboys Stadium.

“The Big 12 and SEC have such passionate fan bases, and based on the brisk ticket sales to date, we expect that once our teams are announced in a few weeks, all of our tickets will be gone,” Amy Scott, Director of Ticket Operations said.

The 2011 Classic will be played in primetime for the first time in the 75-year history of the game and will be nationally televised on FOX. The teams will be announced on Sunday, Dec. 5.

“Based on the teams in our mix combined with the celebration we have planned for our 75th anniversary, tickets will be in high demand,” Tommy Bain, Chairman of the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic said. “We encourage fans to get their tickets now and not wait till we extend invitations to our teams. By then, it may be too late, and I can assure you, this will be a Classic to be remembered.”