College Football Playoff Rankings: 1. Clemson (11-0) 2. Alabama (10-1) 3. Oklahoma (10-1) 4. Iowa (11-0) 5. Michigan State (10-1) 6. Notre Dame (10-1) 7. Baylor (9-1) 8. Ohio State (10-1) 9. Stanford (9-2) 10. Michigan (9-2) 11. Oklahoma State (10-1) 12. Florida (10-1) 13. Florida State (9-2) 14. North Carolina (10-1) 15. Navy (9-1) 16. Northwestern (9-2) 17. Oregon (8-3) 18. Ole Miss (8-3) 19. TCU (9-2) 20. Washington State (8-3) 21. Mississippi State (8-3) 22. UCLA (8-3) 23. Utah (8-3) 24. Toledo (9-1) 25. Temple (9-2)


Saturday, January 7th, 2012



What were you thinking on the punt return? “I thought I could score. I kind of glanced back at the ball and looked back down to see how close the guy was. I caught it, made one guy miss and just took off. And the blocking was great.

“I was just trying to spark the whole team to get us back on the grind and make sure everybody was doing the right things. So I was trying to be one of those guys. I’m a senior and this is my last game. I was just trying to give some guys something to remember.”


How do you get up 10-0 with no first downs?
“You know, it’s real crazy, but it just lets you know what kind of weapons we have on the field and what we’re capable of doing as a team. It’s probably the first time I think I’ve ever seen it happen, though.”

How important was getting 11 victories? “It’s a huge deal to us, as a team and seniors. We always talked about winning 11 games. It’s only the third time it’s been done in school history. And winning 11 games will help the team in out in the rankings. So that’s one thing we preached. We had to come out here and get a win.”


How far has this program come in the last four years?
“Coach Petrino tells us all the time about the facilities being built, we went to the first BCS game and we’ve done a lot in these four years that Coach Petrino has been here. But this is the first win of the new season. It’s the first win of 2012, and we already have one win. That’s what we’re going into the offseason with and it’s just a big motivator.”


On being a senior and this being his last game as a Razorback?
“It hurts to leave. When you look back and see the friendships you’ve built and the family you’re about to leave and the guys you’ve been working with for so long, so many years, it kind of hurts. But you that the season that we’ve had and looking at the guys how they developed, it great to see the progress in the program.”

What were the keys to Arkansas’ success on defense?
“We stayed in our gaps and played sound football. For us, we did our job. We had a couple of letdowns; we let them score but we executed as well as we had all season.”